How can you get Windows 11?

How can you get Windows 11?

As we mentioned in previous articles, it will be some time before the upgrade is automatically available for all devices and if you’re working with older hardware, it might not happen for you until well into 2022. While we recommend users wait until the official release for their device for a smooth experience with the new OS, you can still bypass the wait by installing Windows 11 through the Windows Insider program, as long as your machine meets the rigorous minimum hardware requirements.

On 23.09.2021 Microsoft moved Build 22000.194 into the release preview channel. This version is a more stable improvement of the Dev and Beta channels and includes all the key features of the version released on 05.10.21. There will be no Android app support upon launch as Microsoft has already warned audiences that feature will be available in the coming months, although specifics haven’t been confirmed. That said, the latest Insider Preview build is nearly identical to the final version.

How to Get the Final Version of Windows 11 Now

Windows 11 will continue getting updates through its lifecycle which is typically 10 years – the 2015-released Windows 10 will receive support and updates until 2025. In order to update to Windows 11, you’ll first need to make sure your PC adheres to the strict requirements and you can do so with the PC Health Check App. If your device meets the system requirements you can register as a member of Windows Insider program to perform the update.

To become a member of the Windows Insider Program you will have to register here by following the steps after clicking ‘Register’. Afterwards, you’ll have to go to Settings ➞ Update & Security, select ‘Get Started’ and link the account you used for the Windows Insider Program. You will see the next steps described and then you will have to make sure to choose the ‘Release Preview Channel’ and agree to terms and conditions. The final step is to reboot your device so the changes kick into effect. When your PC has restarted, go to Settings ➞ Updates & Security and, if you’ve installed all previous updates, you should now see the option to get Windows 11. The upgrade process will begin after you click ‘Download and install’. You will have to set aside some time for the final step as it can take a while. Good practice dictates you backup your device before starting the whole process just to stay on the safe side of things.

You can then remove yourself from the Insider program by going back into Windows Update from Settings ➞ Update & Security, clicking Windows Insider Program and opting to stop getting preview builds. As always, it’s good practice to back-up your data before you attempt something like this to have all your bases covered.

Is This the Only Way to Upgrade to Windows 11?

For everyone not in a hurry to upgrade, the Windows 11 update will be available for your device at some point in the coming months, when your PC is deemed ready by Microsoft’s data. At that time the upgrade process will be similar to a regular update. Even if your device doesn’t adhere to the minimum requirements, you can still follow the process described above to get an unsupported version of the OS.

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